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Family Time and Changes Galore | Weekly Snapshot

There has been so much going on over here and so much changing soon. I wish I could say I was reading a lot, but it's feeling like a luxury at the moment. 

Family visitLast week, we had my husband's brother and his wife drive down from Boston and stay with us for the week. It had been months since we enjoyed anyone's close companionship for that long so we all enjoyed the time together. We were very sad to say our goodbyes. I hope we can all return to the pre-March era soon. 
While they were here, we celebrated the girl's birthday. (I feel like I have been talking about birthdays on this blog for the past many weeks but we are done for the year! Next birthday is in March.) My daughter had wanted a unicorn cake, and that's exactly what we got, so that made her day. For her birthday present, we wanted to take her to a store and get her a bike but stock is incredibly low. Last week, she had just mastered riding a bike (no training wheels, she went straight from balance …

Review Policy

The short story - I accept books for review. But I am also very (very, very) picky about the books I choose to review. If you would me to review a book, please email me.

The long story - I review all books I read but do not rate them by any 5-star or 10-point or other systems. I let my reviews speak for themselves, since one man's trash is another man's treasure. Not that books can be trash, of course. I also post the reviews on Goodreads but will not post them anywhere else. If I obtained the book from NetGalley, then I will post a review on that site as well.

I prefer not to promise a time or date for the review because I enjoy a book better when I don't have a deadline. I may enjoy it better even with a deadline but not having one means I picked it up to read exactly when I wanted to read it.

As for genres, I enjoy reading literary fiction the best. I also read and enjoy non-fiction, and books with women-centered themes. I do make an occasional foray into YA, dystopia, and epic fantasy, though I do not accept these books for review. If you would put your book in the romance section of a bookstore, then I will not accept it for review. No offense - I'm sure you have written a very good book but it's just very hard to feel convinced by a lot of romance in books. To me, it's a very subjective experience and what is romantic to you may be too cheesy for me (and vice versa).