Review Policy

The short story - I accept books for review. But I am also very (very, very) picky about the books I choose to review. If you would me to review a book, please email me.

The long story - I review all books I read but do not rate them by any 5-star or 10-point or other systems. I let my reviews speak for themselves, since one man's trash is another man's treasure. Not that books can be trash, of course. I also post the reviews on Goodreads but will not post them anywhere else. If I obtained the book from NetGalley, then I will post a review on that site as well.

I prefer not to promise a time or date for the review because I enjoy a book better when I don't have a deadline. I may enjoy it better even with a deadline but not having one means I picked it up to read exactly when I wanted to read it.

As for genres, I enjoy reading literary fiction the best. I also read and enjoy non-fiction, and books with women-centered themes. I do make an occasional foray into YA, dystopia, and epic fantasy, though I do not accept these books for review. If you would put your book in the romance section of a bookstore, then I will not accept it for review. No offense - I'm sure you have written a very good book but it's just very hard to feel convinced by a lot of romance in books. To me, it's a very subjective experience and what is romantic to you may be too cheesy for me (and vice versa).