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A library haul after months | Notes from my Reading

Despite so much going on over here between work, house projects, yard work, and just daily living challenges in this pandemic era, I've been able to squeeze in time to read as well, which I'm thankful for, because the news has been abysmal these past few weeks for various reasons and I'm continually worrying about where humanity is headed, even more so than I did before.

A library haul after months...My biggest highlight in books this past week was that the library opened for holds pickup. I'd been checking their website every week to find if next week was going to be the week it opened. So when the notice finally came through last week, I was beyond thrilled. I was also very unsure what books to request from the library since I had gotten very used to reading online. Still, I had a few requested when they called me to schedule a one-hour window for pickup. I did request a ton of books after that though, so I expect a bigger bag this week. 

Some of these are books to rea…

The Sunday Salon -- Mar 21, 2010

The Sunday

This is about the first weekend in a long time that I slept in, and boy, it feels wonderful. I usually end up sleeping less on weekends than on weekdays, probably to grab as much weekend-time as possible.

I finally upgraded my laptop operating system to Windows 7. I had been pushing this off since last year for non-existent reasons, but finally decided that it was one glaring line in my to-do list! My PC now feels so much smoother and faster! Phew!!

I've just completed two very heavy books lately. Heavy in content, not in writing or in size. Heavy with feelings.

White Oleander (Read my review here), was pretty intense. There was so much happening, so many layers to that book, that it will not pass off as a light reading. At times, it was difficult to handle the strong emotions that rose up when I was reading it. It was so eloquent that it felt real.

Last night in Montreal, was another heavy read. Again, heavy in content, not in words. This one as well kicked up so many powerful emotions that it left me gasping some times, especially during a strong twist at the end. I read this one for the Spotlight Series, so my review will be coming up on the 23rd.

I'm not sure whether it was bad planning or just plain coincidence that I read the two back-to-back. Both books were quite emotionally draining and I like it when a book does that. But I guess I should head on for something much lighter to balance the scales in my head.

I have a couple more books on "serious" matters to read right away, Sugar and The Friday Night Knitting Club. Once I am done with these two, I sure need to pick out the lighter funnier reads on my shelf!

I received a couple of awards over the past week, so I want to make a mention of them out here. I'm again not passing either.


I received the One Lovely Blog award from Sunnysmileqt @ A Few Good Books! Thanks so much!! :)

Thanks Medeia for the Sunshine Award! :)

That's it for now! Have a delightful Sunday, everyone! Am off to get started on the boring Sunday chores, and then do some more reading!

Happy Reading and Happy Blogging!


Jennifer said…
I have read all four books. White Oleander I read a long time ago and it has stayed with me. I recently reviewed Last Night In Montreal, which was brilliant and her other novel, The Singer's Gun is equally intense, and quite different. Sugar was also one I reviewed and truly enjoyed reading. As a Knitter I thought I would like The Friday Night Knitting Club more than I did.
Congratulations on your awards.
If you have a free moment, my Sunday:
susan said…
I can relate. I enjoy a serious book but if it's draining, I instinctively choose lighter reads to follow.
bermudaonion said…
I upgraded my PC not long ago and the end result is great, but it sure is a pain while you're doing it. Congratulations on your awards!
Dana said…
I always struggle when I have to read too many heavy books in a row... I look forward to hearing what you think about Sugar - Bernice McFadden's latest novel is on my TBR, and I've heard good things about her. And congrats on your awards!
I have the Windows 7 upgrade but have been to lazy to do it as I'm getting used to Vista without any frustrations (finally).

Enjoy your week Aths.
Alyce said…
I've heard so many good things about White Oleander, and I have it on my shelves, but I have been putting off reading it because I know it's going to be intense. It's great to see that you rated it so high though. I hadn't realized that Last Night in Montreal was also a heavy read though.
Tales of Whimsy said…
Congrats on the awards darling!
I really enjoy books like that. It's nice when a book can really evoke emotions.
Athira said…
Jennifer, I read your review of The Singer's Gun and loved it! The book sounds so good!

susan, I know, reading some light books this week has helped me!

Kathy, the process sucks, but the result is fab! I'm loving Win 7!

Dana, I loved Sugar and am looking forward to reading Glorious!

Diane, I can understand that. I kept putting it off for months! :)

Alyce, I loved White Oleander and hope you will read it too! Last Night in Montreal is not so intense as White Oleander, but it is heavy all the same!

Juju, thanks! :)

Stephanie, ditto! I like to close a book with a nice sigh! :)