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   Published : 2021   ||    Format : print   ||    Location : Colombia ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆   What was it about the country that kept everyone hostage to its fantasy? The previous month, on its own soil, an American man went to his job at a plant and gunned down fourteen coworkers, and last spring alone there were four different school shootings. A nation at war with itself, yet people still spoke of it as some kind of paradise.. Thoughts : Infinite Country follows two characters - young Talia, who at the beginning of this book, escapes a girl’s reform school in North Colombia so that she can make her previously booked flight to the US. Before she can do that, she needs to travel many miles to reach her father and get her ticket to the rest of her family. As we follow Talia’s treacherous journey south, we learn about how she ended up in the reform school in the first place and why half her family resides in the US. Infinite Country tells the story of her family through the other protagonist, El

The Sunday Salon -- May 23, 2010

The Sunday

So there's another week down the drain, and it has been one of the quietest here. Last year this time, I was in India, enjoying my brief vacation at home with my family. Sadly, I'm not sure when my next trip will be, and I really wish I could go sometime soon. Meanwhile, I'm trying to battle out a bad case of homesickness, that is usually transitory. I hope I get to see more students here in campus next week, as the summer semester is starting. Usually that makes me happy, so I'm hoping for some activity.

I didn't do much reading over the week, mainly because I seem to have hit a rut. The books I am currently reading would ordinarily be devoured in moments, but strangely, I find my eyes swimming over the words right now. I hope the rut passes soon, so I am picking books at random from my shelf, hoping to strike gold with one that will get me out of the rut. As for my thesis, I managed to get up to 16 pages of my target 60, so that's a quarter of my way through. I somehow did the easier parts first, ::giggle:: so I have to redeem myself by moving to the other sections now.

So what with the work and the homesickness and the reading rut, I can say it hasn't been a great week at all so far. But on the other hand, friends of mine and I managed to meet up more often than usual for lunch/dinner, and that made up for an otherwise lackluster week!

So it's going to be an exciting week for the reading world, with the BEA, the BBC and the Armchair BEA, all happening this week! I would have loved to be at the BEA, but I'm glad I'm taking part in the Armchair BEA! Maybe next time, I'll try to plan for the BEA and the BBC. After all, NY isn't too far from here. So, whatever you are taking part in, have fun! I'm excited to be visiting the participating bloggers this week to see what's cooking. I know some of you plan to give regular updates from the BEA as well, and that's something I am looking forward to!

Until next week, Happy Blogging and Happy Reading!


Harvee said…
Your trip to India must have been interesting. Did you read any books about India before or while you were there? Harvee
My Sunday Salon
Mary (Bookfan) said…
I'm sorry for your homesickness. That's always tough. I hope your friends can help you work out of it for a while. I know it never goes completely away (and that's good).
I'm doing Armchair BEA - in a very passive way this year. I signed up but still don't have a good grasp on what is expected. I hope people at BEA will tweet what they're doing.
Sounds like you need a distracting, light book. Maybe someone will suggest one today. Have a good week and thanks for visiting my blog :)
homesickness and a reading rut; not a fun combination. Even your writing sounds down. I hope you feel happier soon; perhaps a chick flick that will make you cry?

Have a better week!
bermudaonion said…
I bet the homesickness and the reading rut are related. I know what it's like to live in a foreign country so I totally understand what you're going through. I hope you work through it soon.

My son starts summer school tomorrow, so maybe you'll see him!
Ash said…
I'm definitely going to try to get to BEA next year, I so wish I was there. I have hit a rut recently too, I think it's just exhaustion in my case... and shock that I don't have homework. I would love to go to India someday, hope you get to go back sometime soon. Happy reading!
Athira said…
Harvee, my India book count is pretty pathetic really, since India being home, I used to try to read homes set away home.

Mary, I'm hoping the homesickness goes away soon too! I do not have much idea about what the Armchair BEA is about either, but I'll still do what I can and learn later I guess, LOL!

Helen, my writing does sound depressing, right? I do need to perk up. I think I feel better today, but I'm sure I'll be in good bouncy spirits tomorrow. :)

Kathy, I do think they are related. Still, it's a weekend ailment. I guess I'm just sad that my two years here are soon coming to an end.

Ash, We should definitely go next year! It will be so much fun to meet in person! :) And if you ever plan to come to India, and I also happen to be there, I would love to have you visit my home and take you around on an India-trot!
Anonymous said…
Sounds like it hasn't been a very good week for you. Homesickness is hard.
At least meeting up with friends partly makes up for it :)
Cat said…
I'm sorry you're feeling down and missing home and hope this week will bring some good things to lift your spirits. :-)
Stephanie said…
Aths, I am sorry you can't spend time with your family in India this year. Your homesickness must be heartbreaking at times. I hope you get to see your family soon.

I get in reading ruts sometimes, too. It kind of ebbs and flows. Maybe Armchair BEA will give your spirits a lift and give you a bit of inspiration. :-)
Hey Aths, I'm having the opposite problem - lots of reading done, just lacking ambition to blog them!

Hope you get home for a visit soon,
Tales of Whimsy said…
Oh homesickness sucks.

I can't make BEA either.
I vow for next year :)

What's the Armchair BEA?
Athira said…
Kat, homesickness is really really hard, but yeah, friends really help in getting over it!

Cat, I am so glad that the homesickness didn't last too long, Phew!

Stephanie, you were right! Armchair BEA definitely helped in getting over my rut!

Sherry, Haha, I go through that phase too, when I read too much, but stay away from blogging!

Juju, I hope we can make it to BEA next year!!