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Pandemic-fatigue | Weekly Snapshot

It got busy this week! Lots going on at home, work, and otherwise as well.  Life My daughter's school decided to close on Friday, along with several other schools in the area, with some being closed from Thursday. Not enough staff. The school had been on a mask mandate since the beginning of the pandemic, dropping it only for one week when the pandemic had appeared to have stabilized last year. And yet, they dropped the mandate completely at the beginning of this year, when cases were exponentially rising, only to bring it back again starting next week. I've gone from being very annoyed to angry to feeling fatigue in these first two weeks already. I won't lie - we all mask around here and try to avoid going where we don't have a need to be in, and still, we are not taking anything close to the extreme precaution we all took at the beginning of the pandemic. I cannot and don't want to keep my kids home - I have at least that much faith in the schools' precautions

Dewy Ramblings: My early birthday present


I am finally the proud owner of an ereader - the nook! I was so hesitant last year, but now I'm glad I have it.  (Forgive the not-so-bright pictures. I couldn't take a picture in the daytime, and I didn't want to use Flash either.)

My best friend, Piyush, gave me an early birthday present. Mind you, he was all for waiting till the d-date, but I couldn't imagine waiting one more month, knowing my nook is there somewhere nearby. And, of course, he is not the waiting type. He has to dig in right away too! He also included a nice brown leather jacket that gives me the feel of holding a real book. And did I say that Barnes & Nobles is currently offering a free $50 gift card as well, for those who buy the nook? I haven't received mine yet, but it's on the way. Aah, the possibilities...

So I spent a good chunk of my time today exploring it. I haven't downloaded many books yet, and I don't want to start splurging right away. (Somehow it's easier and less guilt-inducing to buy books with a click than by walking into a store.) I especially love its browser capability, and the feeling of being connected. Sure, it's not an iPhone or an iPad and it's not so superior either, but the feeling is the same.

Another feature I love is the LendMe capability. Not sure how much I can use it, since I don't know anyone with a nook yet. Any nook users out there?


Congratulations again! The cover does look like it would make it feel more like a real book. That click to buy would be dangerous for me!

My birthday is in 6 weeks and the hubby has been asking me about e-readers a lot over the past 6 months.... I'm not really expecting it, but you never know, right?
Anonymous said…
Can't wait to hear what you think of this after using it for a while! I've really been curious about the Nook, and I think if I were to ask for an e-reader for Christmas or my birthday or graduation, it would have to be that one. I'm still pretty hesitant though, but maybe hearing from you about it could help with my decision! :)
Happy early Birthday! I can't wait to hear what you think of it after a while. I like my Kindle, but find I don't use it as much as I thought I would. Probably because I work in a library now and have access to all these "real" books.
Michelle said…
Happy early birthday, and enjoy!! I love my nook. I just finished my first book on it today, even though I have downloaded about ten. Wait until you discover NetGalley! So addicting!
Molly said…
Congratulations! I am sure you will love it the more you use it.

Happy Birthday :)
The1stdaughter said…
Yes, you already know I am so so jealous! But in pictures it looks even better! You are going to love it and I agree with Michelle, NetGalley is about to become a close friend! Congrats!
Anonymous said…
I want one !!! I've asked for one for my birthday, but that isn't until November.
The leather case is fab.
Tales of Whimsy said…
Wahoooooo bf!
Happy birthday my sweet friend!
Cat said…
Lucky you!!

Happy birthday - hope you have a lovely day :-)
Ash said…
I've been considering getting either a Kindle or a Nook recently for the books I know I don't want to keep for the rest of my life. Romance novels and junk food books. I'm tempted by Barnes and Noble's current offer but I don't think I'm quite ready yet. Keep me posted on how you like it!
Athira said…
Jennifer, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you get it! It is soo worth it! *squealing like a schoolkid*

Jess, I sure hope you go in for it! It is worth it totally! I loved reading it in bright sunlight even. No more squinting. It also has a flick mechanism to turn pages - love that too!

Helen, Aah, I wouldn't bother with an ereader either if I had constant access to any book. I find the nook helps me read during my brief commute between home and campus. I used to previously listen to audiobooks during that 5 minute journey, but that was pointless since by the time I get re-used with the narrator, it's time to stop it.

Michelle, Aah, I have been scouring through NetGalley all day!

Molly, thank you! :)
Athira said…
Danielle, NetGalley is definitely beginning to be a good friend! :) It feels even better to hold the nook!

Beachreader, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! I hope you get it!

Juju, my best friend is indeed wahooo!! Thanks darling!

Cat, thank you! :)

Ash, I'm so glad I came to know of B&N offer after placing the order, because then I might have gotten biased, lol! But yea, I really like the idea of reading books I on it for a while. At the moment, my bookshelf is exploding!
Lisa said…
I clearly need to get a new best friend! What a lucky girl--enjoy!
Athira said…
Lisa, you are too funny! LOL!
bermudaonion said…
Wow, what a great friend and what a nice gift! I hope you enjoy it!
Athira said…
Kathy, great friend is right!! I feel so lucky! I am loving it so far!
Stephanie said…
Nice! I'm thinking about buying one for my daughter.
Athira said…
Stephanie, I'm sure your daughter will love it! My nook has become my pet.. almost!
erisian said…
glad to hear you are enjoying it!!
love he digital readers :)

i was hard pressed to choose between the Kindle2 and the nook.
ended up going kindle2 for a couple reasons.

#1, my test run of the nook was interrupted repeatedly by the annoying anti-theft alarm they had on the machine. after a while i just got disgusted and tossed the thing down.. walked away while the manager gave me the stink eye.

#2, the page turn and book load speeds were HORRIFIC.

i heard some good press that the speed concerns were all fixed in the latest firmware. did you find that to be so? if so, my only issue with it would be the very unkind preview environment :)

again, gratz!
Athira said…
Erisian, I did hear earlier reports about the slow page turns and the like, but I found them pretty much fast in this update. So I guess they fixed that after all. And anti-theft alarm on the machine?? You got to be kidding me! That is soooo annoying, I'm surprised they didn't switch it off temporarily.