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Infinite Country by Patricia Engel | Thoughts

   Published : 2021   ||    Format : print   ||    Location : Colombia ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆   What was it about the country that kept everyone hostage to its fantasy? The previous month, on its own soil, an American man went to his job at a plant and gunned down fourteen coworkers, and last spring alone there were four different school shootings. A nation at war with itself, yet people still spoke of it as some kind of paradise.. Thoughts : Infinite Country follows two characters - young Talia, who at the beginning of this book, escapes a girl’s reform school in North Colombia so that she can make her previously booked flight to the US. Before she can do that, she needs to travel many miles to reach her father and get her ticket to the rest of her family. As we follow Talia’s treacherous journey south, we learn about how she ended up in the reform school in the first place and why half her family resides in the US. Infinite Country tells the story of her family through the other protagonist, El

Birthday and a Giveaway!

It's my birthday today!

And that's a Harry Potter cake you are seeing - Harry on a broom with a snitch in his hand. I was giddy with excitement when my friends got me this cake. I had always fancied cutting one - it was the ultimate must-do for me. I would buy my own HP cake, but then there's no fun in that. Surprise and friends/family are totally essential to spice up the experience!

So, I had an amazing party last night and also rescued the Harry Potter souvenir and the two towers on the cake - so they now rest on my bookshelf with the rest of my bookish treasures.

I don't have any specific plans for the day, but to read, blog and buy books to treat myself (I had been putting off buying any book for some time just so that I can buy some today - guilt-free). So while I choose what books to treat myself to, I'd like to have you join in on my birthday celebs as well - by throwing a giveaway. (Well, I'm feeling good about myself today for many reasons, so a giveaway was just in order.) Moreover, I've been in the blogging kingdom for six months now.

(Updated: Thanks to all who entered. The contest has ended)

So I'm giving away the chance to buy some book(s) of your choice worth US $15, to one lucky winner, from Book Depository. To enter this giveaway:
  1. You must be a follower of my blog (Google Friend Connect / Email / RSS).
  2. You must be over 13 years old.
  3. This giveaway is international, so long as The Book Depository ships free to your country.
  4. Contest Ends at 11.59 pm US Eastern time on July 9, 2010 and the winner will be drawn on July 10, 2010.
  5. The winner, who will be chosen by, will have 72 hours to respond to my email before another winner is chosen.
  6. You need to fill out the form below to enter.


Katy said…
Happy birthday! :) Sounds like you'll be having a lovely day!
Chachic said…
Happy Birthday! :) That Harry Potter cake is awesome. I bought a lot of books for myself as well when I turned 25 last March. Yay for bookish gifts!
Aleksandra said…
Happy Birthday!!! Harry Potter cake :) Have a great time :)
Congrats Aths, but you did make me feel bad when I saw the 25!!!! My children are older than you :(

Have a special day and thanks for the giveaway.
bermudaonion said…
Happy Birthday! My child is younger than you, but you're still a baby in my eyes! Your cake is lovely!
Happy birthday! I am so happy to have met you this year through blogging. I hope you have an awesome day. It's my mom's birthday too today. :D
Happy, happy birthday, Aths! Eat an extra slice of HP cake for me! ;-) Thanks for the giveaway!
Marce said…
Singing Happy Birthday to YOU, enjoy celebrating you. A great 6 months of blogging Aths.
Lisa said…
Happy birthday! I have an award for you at my blog.
Molly said…
Happy, Happy Birthday!

I look forward to seeing what kind of bookish treats you purchased today :)
Cat said…
Happy Birthday, Aths - I hope you had a wonderful day. :-)
Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Aths, Happy Birthday to you! Sounds like you're having the right kind of celebration: family, friends, cake and books (oh, and Harry Potter!). Enjoy! And be sure to let us know what books you bought
Nadia said…
Happy Happy Birthday, Aths!! Sounds like you are having a fantastic birthday - YAY! I loved your HP cake - how awesome was that? I remember that my BFF in college would always get me fun bday cakes like - I got "A Bug's Life" one and kept the bugs on the cake (so, like you, I would have definitely kept the HP bits, too!). Enjoy buying your books and don't forget to share with us what titles you purchased :) Cheers!!
Ash said…
Happy birthday! I am so jealous of your cake, I want to reach in the television and pull out a piece. Next birthday I'm requesting a Harry Potter cake.
Happy b'day!! What a generous offer :) The cake looks yummy!
J.G. said…
Cool cake! Hope your day was happy, happy!
Anonymous said…
Happy belated birthday!

I LOVE your cake! :) Hope you had a special day!
erisian said…
happy b-day!

aren't we supposed to be giving you gifts? not the other way around?
A very Happy Belated Birthday to you!!! Very cool cake!
Happy Birthday! That cake is so, so amazing. Now you've got me craving a piece!
Athira said…
Thank you so much for the wishes, everyone! They really made my day!

Steph, that's so exciting that it was your mom's bday too! Hope she had a fabulous time!

Erisian, you are welcome to send me gifts! I will be more than happy and excited to accept them! :)
Tales of Whimsy said…
Happy happy birthday sweet darling :)
LOVE that cake.
Thanks for the awesome contest :)
Nastassia said…
Happy Belated Birthday Aths!!! That's a really cool cake.