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Hello August, here we come | Weekly Snapshot

It's freaking August already! Of 2021.  Life I know how summer usually means a busy time for most people. It wasn't so much for me - my kids are still too little and we had some fun this summer but didn't brave outside a whole lot (maybe next year). And still, I am ready for summer to end. For one thing, stuff does slow down a little during rest of the year, and by stuff, I mean work mostly. And on the other hand, I'm ready for real school to start, so that I don't feel bad that my kids are wasting their brains, LOL.  I got to catchup with life this week and that means a great deal. There were a million things eating my brain all the time, distracting me from other things, so it was good to check off a bunch of things from my list. There's still more but for now, I'm in a good place (until it creeps up again of course).  This and next week, we are going to be busy with back-to-school stuff. Since my daughter is moving to the public school this year (first gr

Birthday Giveaway winner

My birthday giveaway ended two nights ago, and thanks to all who entered! chose the following winners for me! The lucky winner of the up to $15 worth of books from Book Depository is:

Kisah J.

I've already sent out the email notification to the winner! Congratulations!


Tales of Whimsy said…
Wahoooo! Yah Kisah :)
bermudaonion said…
Congratulations Kisah!
Marce said…
Congrats Kisah