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The renovation finally | Weekly Snapshot

I've been having quite a few busy weekends and haven't been able to post often on Sundays.  Renovating I have dropped a teaser here a few times but here's the scoop finally - We are renovating a big chunk of our main level. We've been planning this for the past 6-7 months. It started as a kitchen renovation project but now includes flooring through the main floor and master bathroom. We will have the renovation crew start tomorrow and depending on when all the materials get in, it could be 1.5-3 months before they are done. I just hope the flooring is done quickly because then we can reclaim some of the main floor back. Not having a kitchen for 2-3 months is going to be very challenging but we've been promised a small work area on the main floor where we can cook early morning and later in the evening. But I'm thinking more about the little things - making coffee while I work, taking care of the day to day activities - the upstairs and the basement can be used b

It's Monday! What are you reading? -- July 19, 2010

It's Monday! What are you reading this week?
This is a weekly event initially hosted by J. Kaye at J. Kaye's Book Blog, now by Sheila @ One Persons Journey through a world of Books, to celebrate what you are reading for the week as well as books completed the previous week.

Books completed last week
I had a busy week at school, but I'm hoping that my busy days are behind me now. I read nothing for six days, then finished a book yesterday.
- A House at the Edge of Tears by VĂ©nus Khoury-Ghata

Books reviewed
- Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld
- Still Alice by Lisa Genova (WOW!)

Books on my nightstand

After a no-reading week, I'm eager to make up for that. Without being ambitious, here's what I plan to attack this week.

One Vacant Chair by Joe Coomer: This is one of the books I am reading for the Spotlight Series this month. I read a couple of pages some time back, and found it really hilarious!
The Color Purple by Alice Walker: I wasn't sure at all if I could fit this in, but it looks like I may be able to. This is for a read-along co-hosted by Heather and Nicole.
Crazy by Han Nolan: I am not quite sure if or when I will get to this. I have it on my nook, and I will probably make a stab at reading it sometime.
The Passage by Justin Cronin: I hope this isn't one of those over-hyped books that fall flat on me. I really shouldn't buy books right after reading all the raves. But I'm still all for reading it, since the synopsis is definitely exciting! And I want to read The Strain some time too!


Rebecca Chapman said…
If it helps, I recently finished The Passage and really loved it. But I think people either seem to love it or hate it.

You are the second person I have seen reading The Colour Purpole. I hope to read it one day
The1stdaughter said…
From what I've heard I think you will really love The Passage, but who knows??? :) But it looks like the two you reviewed this week were at least fabulous reads, great reviews!

I'm so glad to see you back in action! I've missed having you online to chat with!

Have a fabulous reading week and if you get a chance, stop by: Monday Reading's at There's A Book
pussreboots said…
I tend to avoid the hyped books until the hype wears off.

This is my first week participating. I highlighted four of the books I'm currently reading. Pussreboots.
oh i hope you ike the passage its been a love or hate kinda book but i thin you will enjoy it
Jan von Harz said…
The Color Purple is a beautiful book I am sure you will enjoy it. I started The Passage last week and it is slow going, but I am liking it. It just isn't a book that is easy to read all at once. Hope you like it. Have a great week.
Marg said…
I am reading The Passage at the moment, and it just got really interesting! I think I am going to fall in the really liked it camp.
Savannah said…
I'm reading Manifest by Artist Arthur, so far it's good.
On Vacant Chair looks really good. I think on The Passage, you will either like it or think it is so-so. I hope that you enjoy it!
Anonymous said…
I's like to read your reviews on the Cronin and the Ghata.

I pondered on whether to get 'The Passage' or not as it was featured in the prominent section of my local bookseller. Then I saw King's 'Under The Dome' and I preferred that.

The description in the jacket is really exciting.. apocalyptic stuff are really the rage. Stephen King was really impressed with it.

Hope you enjoy it!
bermudaonion said…
You will be drawn into The Color Purple, so it will be a fast read - it is so good. I love the cover of One Vacant Chair. I hope you find some reading time this week!
Tales of Whimsy said…
Oooooo The Passage. I can not wait for your review. I'm itching to sample it.
Darlyn said…
Hi Aths!I just found your blog and this is 1st visit here.There's a great list of books you've read. Hope you are enjoying this week too!
Sarah said…
I usually get them from the library first. If I really loved them, then I will buy the book. Have a great week!
I've got Still Alice on my Birthday book list so hope someone in my family will take notice
Your books all look soooooo good!!

Here's my week:
Aleksandra said…
Interesting books lined up! I'm planning to read Leviathan this week! Happy reading!
Your WOW - on still Alice has me interested.... I think I have that one! Enjoy your week :)
Unknown said…
I'm always scared to read a book that people either loved or hated; I usually end up hating them. lol
You're being very brave.

Have a good week, Aths.

Lynne's Book Reviews
Anonymous said…
I reserved The Passage at the library this week. I'm #172 in the queue! Seems like others had the same idea...
Anonymous said…
I read The Color Purple long ago, and I badly want to read Justin Cronin.
Eva said…
Good luck with those books! I tried to read The Color Purple in high school and couldn't get into it...I really need to revisit it one of these days. :)