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Pandemic-fatigue | Weekly Snapshot

It got busy this week! Lots going on at home, work, and otherwise as well.  Life My daughter's school decided to close on Friday, along with several other schools in the area, with some being closed from Thursday. Not enough staff. The school had been on a mask mandate since the beginning of the pandemic, dropping it only for one week when the pandemic had appeared to have stabilized last year. And yet, they dropped the mandate completely at the beginning of this year, when cases were exponentially rising, only to bring it back again starting next week. I've gone from being very annoyed to angry to feeling fatigue in these first two weeks already. I won't lie - we all mask around here and try to avoid going where we don't have a need to be in, and still, we are not taking anything close to the extreme precaution we all took at the beginning of the pandemic. I cannot and don't want to keep my kids home - I have at least that much faith in the schools' precautions

Look at what just arrived! - August 2, 2010

mailboxmonday This meme was originally hosted by Marcia @ The Printed Page. It goes on tour beginning August '10 and is hosted this month by Chick Loves Lit. It is the gathering place for readers to share the books that came into their house last week (checked out library books don’t count, eBooks & audio books do).

I missed doing this for the last two weeks, so there are quite a few books waiting to get on this post. Instead of putting all of them together, I will break the post and put up the rest next week. Russell Wiley is out to Lunch by Richard Hine came to me from Goldberg McDuffie Communications. I have to say that I am in love with this cover. It's glossy and very attractive that the moment I tore open the package I wanted to read it. Plus, it is office-themed. It is about Russell Wiley whose career and marriage are on the rocks, and how he attempts to save his personal and professional lives. Makes you want to read too right?

Tanya Egan Gibson's How to Buy a Love of Reading came to me courtesy of Plume. I first saw this book on a blog, and found it a fascinating idea. Words are Carley Wells' enemy. This book is about her transition from an indifference towards books to a fascination with reading. I haven't come across such converts in real life, though I've heard aplenty of them. It will be interesting to read of such a person.

Travelogues can make for great reading especially if they come with a potpourri of lessons learnt. And no, I don't mean the preach-style books, but something that results in a self-rediscovery would be wonderful. I've been curious about how much travel can change people. I've not read Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert, but it's one on my TBR. A similar-themed book, Todos Santos by Deborah Clearman came to me from Little Bird. It follows Catherine Barnes, who travels to Guatemala with her son after finding out that her professor husband has been interacting with his students in more ways than as a teacher. She then travels to the village, Todos Santos and in the middle of violence and tensions, she begins to find herself.

I first got hooked with this book when Juju @ Tales of Whimsy reviewed it. She had a contest running and I was really glad to have won a copy of Either You're in or You're in the way by Logan and Noah Miller. This book follows the touching story of the twin brothers accomplishing the impossible - making a feature film with no experience, money or contacts. Success stories like that always intrigue me. I like seeing the impossible becoming reality. I always have this desire to chant LOST's John Locke's dialogue "You can't tell me what I can't do".

Have you read any of these books?


Dazzling Mage said…
Ooh, great books! I also have How To Buy a Love of Reading in my TBR pile. It seems like a cute read.
Mary (Bookfan) said…
They sound interesting and the covers are really wonderful!
All these sound good and are new to me....enjoy. Here is my link:
Kaye said…
RW is Out to Lunch does have a wonderful cover! Sounds like a fun book too. Enjoy! Have a good week and happy reading!
Great looking books...I like the look of How to Buy a Love of Reading...enjoy them all!

Here's my MM:
Bookventures said…
You've got some great books this week. Todos Santos sounds particularly interesting. I hope you enjoy it.
Serena said…
i haven't heard of any of these books...happy reading
Alayne said…
These look really unique and different! Congrats. My mailbox is at The Crowded Leaf.
Tales of Whimsy said…
1. Whooot the book arrived!
2. Thanks for the shout out :)
3. I hope you love it. They are SO cool.
4. *high five* for the Locke reference.
Shanyn said…
Thanks so much for stopping by and linking up your Mailbox Monday post! I saw that Russell Wiley book on someone else's list, not sure how I feel about it :)

Happy Monday!
bermudaonion said…
You had a good week in books! I've heard the book by the Millers is really good. I can't wait to see what you think of it.
pussreboots said…
I haven't read any of your MM books. I'm a day late in making the rounds. Here's what I received.