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The renovation finally | Weekly Snapshot

I've been having quite a few busy weekends and haven't been able to post often on Sundays.  Renovating I have dropped a teaser here a few times but here's the scoop finally - We are renovating a big chunk of our main level. We've been planning this for the past 6-7 months. It started as a kitchen renovation project but now includes flooring through the main floor and master bathroom. We will have the renovation crew start tomorrow and depending on when all the materials get in, it could be 1.5-3 months before they are done. I just hope the flooring is done quickly because then we can reclaim some of the main floor back. Not having a kitchen for 2-3 months is going to be very challenging but we've been promised a small work area on the main floor where we can cook early morning and later in the evening. But I'm thinking more about the little things - making coffee while I work, taking care of the day to day activities - the upstairs and the basement can be used b

Month in Review - August 2010

August was probably my worst reading month to-date. But it was also my most eventful. I defended my thesis, graduated, moved to a new place, a new home, started a new job, and also briefly visited NY and saw my brother. I tried to think back to August 1st, and that already seems to me to be so back in the past. There's still the feeling of newness, and I haven't yet got back to my usual reading schedule, but at least I got the blogging part setup again. Some of you may have seen me around your blog lately. Those who haven't seen me yet, I apologize, I still have plenty of blogs left to visit, so I'll be there before the end of the week.

So, as I started writing this post, I wondered what the point is, considering I just need to list three books. So I'll just talk about the month in general. Apparently, I missed a lot this month. I almost forgot about the Mockingjay release as well, and remembered just in time for the pre-order two-days-before-release-date shipping, to update my address in the Amazon order. Else, the book would have gone to my previous address, and it would have been ages before I received it.

Click on the images to check out my reviews (for those I reviewed, that is)

Blankets by Craig Thompson was a surprise hit. Although I had read some very glowing reviews of the book, I wasn't convinced. Besides, it was a serious graphic novel. But I didn't realize that it was a memoir too, and Craig Thompson said his story beautifully. You couldn't help but feel for him. I'll discuss more in my review.

I was intensely waiting for Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins since the book released, and I whooped about for a good five minutes after the book arrived. I loved this book best of the trilogy, and the only reason I haven't reviewed yet is because everyone else is reviewing and I don't want you to have to read too many Mockingjay reviews in a day. Of course, it's another matter if everyone else was thinking the same as me.

As for The Elephant's Journey by José Saramago, I reviewed it yesterday, and I seriously think you should read it (Yeah, I'm shamelessly promoting my own blog post.) No, seriously, the book exceeded my expectations, so it probably will impress you too.

This month, I didn't keep track of my reading, since not much reading happened. So my challenges are probably at the same levels. I'm disappointed though that I royally failed at my Summer challenge. I read only one out of the six books I planned for. And that's not funny, because I have been listing those books in as many challenges as possible, since they have been on my TBR forever. I may just have to resign to the fact that those books aren't looking too tempting to me now.

So that's how my August looked. Did I make it look better than it was with this long post? I hope so. *wink*

Zero Re-reads | 2 New-to-me authors | 2 Male authors | 1 Female author


Unknown said…
I had one of my worst reading months ever, as well. I hope when it starts getting colder here in the Midwest that my reading time will increase. I don't go outside unless I have to!

I'm going to have to read the Elephant book. I've seen it on other blogs and have read only good things.
You had an awful lot going on this month, so (3) is excellent. Seems lots of people had a bad August in books.
Tales of Whimsy said…
I have Mockingjay, but I haven't been able to bring my self to read it. It's like I don't want to let go.
You had so much going on that I am surprised that you got to read anything.

Blankets has me curious. I have read a few Mangas, but haven't read a real graphic novel yet.
I'm new to your site! And I started to read Mockingjay last week, went on vacation to Boston, fell asleep on a boat the whole time, and am now back this week ready to tackle this book! Can't wait to finish it now!! :)
erisian said…
ahhh, blankets..
i remember reading that.
it was one of the graphic novels that really opend up the genre to people who hate "Comics"

glad to hear you liked it!