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Like most of us (definitely not all because some of you sure have some super efficient TBR systems), I collect book recommendation after another until one day I realize I'm never getting through this list in my lifetime, so I decide to burrow my head in the sand rather than deal with it. This week, however, I unintentionally chanced upon that list and got sucked into a rabbit hole of looking up many of the recently discovered books - some that I had read about only once but they still sounded amazing. Since good things are best shared, I'm listing some of the most amazing books I came across recently and hope to read in this lifetime, though sooner is preferable, of course.

The Psychology of Time Travel, Kate Mascarenhas Do you remember those good old days when everyone was gushing about The Time Traveler's Wife? Goodness, I feel so much older just thinking about how long it has been since I read that book. I need to reread it just for the nostalgia. The time travel aspect…

The Sunday Salon (Back to work) -- September 5, 2010

The Sunday

As most of you know, I just started work this past week. It's a software engineering profile with a communications company. Before grad school, I had already worked two years, so industry is not a new experience for me. Still, any new job is always a new thing, and means a lot of learning during the first few weeks. And that's how my last week looked like.

After two years of a carefree lifestyle (I could take days off when I wished, deadlines weren't rigid), I'm now trying to mold my lifestyle into a more disciplined one. I was already used to a routine, but this new routine means sleeping even early (trying to get used to this), waking up even early (struggling with this too), and coming home to do anything but work (this I could get used to). I love the coming home part. It still feels too good to be true that I'm home and can watch a movie or read a book without worrying about deadlines (yet). That said, I loved my first week back at work. I haven't yet got into any rigorous work, but that's only a matter of time. It was fun learning new stuff, having my own cubicle and meeting new people professionally.

Although it was an easy week work-wise, I was still very tired each day after reaching home. I'm putting that up as a case of first-work-week syndrome. The dreaded syndrome didn't even let me have an hour of peaceful reading. Of course, the best part of coming home is my daily relaxing cup of tea, without which I surely can't unknot.

I did a little reading yesterday and hope to keep the rhythm going. Meanwhile, I'm still catching up on the blogs on my reader, but the end looks to be in sight. I also have some plans for my blog, that I'm thinking of - just waiting for a few nuts and bolts to tighten. And hey, Fall's here - what TV show are you most looking forward to? (My answers - Glee and Vampire Diaries!)


After few more weeks, everything will fall into place. Getting up early, sleeping early!

No worries about not reading. You will..

Here is my Sunday Salon post!
bermudaonion said…
The beginning of a new job is always stressful, but I'm sure you'll adjust to your new routine in no time. I'm looking forward to college football (Go Hokies!) and Dancing with the Stars.
Good luck with the job. You are so lucky to be done with school... wish I was! lol.
Oh, I do relate to that schedule. When I was working in my fulltime career, I got up very early, which meant going to bed early.

Now that I'm "retired/free lance," I still get up very early. After thirty years of it, my brain is programmed for it!

Hope you enjoy your schedule...looking forward to what you're planning for your blog.

I'm excited about the fall TV schedule too!
While going to bed and getting up early (my preferred routine) can be difficult to adjust to, it must be SO nice to be able to do whatever suits your mood when you get home from work!
Ash said…
Glee! Glad to hear your first week of work went well, I honestly really enjoy working and not going to school, but that won't happen for me in awhile.
The1stdaughter said…
How exciting! New things, people and places. I'm sure it will take a bit of adjusting, but it sounds like you are doing great. Keep it up and before you know it you will be in a groove really enjoying things.

As for TV shows...I'm definitely (obviously) looking forward to Vampire Diaries!!! And then, it would be Fringe, my absolute favorite show ever. Other than that, there are quite a few, but none that really pop out.
Anonymous said…
Congrats on the new job! It takes a while to get adjusted to the new system, but it's good to know you are getting a bit of reading in.
J.G. said…
You'll get the routine down, and enjoy even more of that feeling of free time in the evening! After years of working and night school, I relish the luxiry of going home in the evening, knowing I don't owe my at-home time to anyone or anything. Well, except blogging.
Unknown said…
Glad you're enjoying the first week of work. It IS tiring until you get into the routine of things, isn't it?

My favorite fall TV show coming up? House!
Adjusting sucks, but it will happen. I have been working from home for about 4 years now and I can imagine the total shock that your system must be going through.

I am just really excited that I won't have to watch anymore reruns! Seriously, between reruns and the crappy movies that "someone" has been picking from Netflix, I am ready to revolt.
My first week working full time in March was hard as i had been out of work for one year, and got quite use to that routine...LOL

The getting up early is still tough, as is so little free time.

Glad your first week went well; enjoy.
I think a change in any routine is always exhausting and requires a bit of patience to get used to.

Glad that the job is going well and how fortunate that you have a four day work week right off the bat :)
Jaime said…
I'm glad you had a good first week! There definitely is something great about leaving all of your work at work and doing what you want when you get home.

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