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Down with the sniffles | Weekly Snapshot

Hello fellow readers and bloggers! Sorry I'm late getting the post up this week. Life Since the last three days, my husband and I have been down with the sniffles, congestion, and occasionally fever as well. My husband took a test and thankfully it was negative. It doesn't make it feel any more bearable though - I spent much of yesterday sleeping - but today it looks like I'm on the bend. I just hope the kids don't catch it too. Not much of significance this week. The husband and I have been talking about investing in real estate for a while. We had been looking at properties for weeks and had put in offers for couple of them this past week. One of them didn't pan out but the other did. So we are pretty excited about starting this new chapter. Shopping for an investment property is such a complete different ballgame from buying a  house. For starters, it doesn't help to visualize living in the property simply because my needs could be different from those of a t

And finally, I decide to throw my hat in too!

I had been trying to decide about doing the readathon for a while, and was more inclined towards not doing it. Last time I did a readathon, I went into a major reading slump, and coming from another longer slump now, that's the last thing I wanted to risk. But then I realized that the slump happened because I wasn't doing the readathon right. I was trying to up my counts, just to see how much I can read in a day. Because of that, I wasn't enjoying my reading - and that really did me in. I think I have learned from that experience, so I'll just go with my whims on the d-day. No pressure, just pleasure! (Ha!)

Are you doing the readathon too?

Somehow I don't know how I will post regular updates on my blog - it's kind of hard checking for readathon updates every hour, so I may be posting only sporadically. I'll probably need the break. Also, I don't think I will sacrifice my sleep, because after 5 days of waking up early to go to work, it will take more than a readathon to make me want to skip sleep during the weekend too. (I so don't fancy sleeping my whole Sunday and then sitting up like a zombie on Sunday night.)

As for my reading choices, I'm not going to plan my pile - I'll just pick what suits my mind. I have two chunksters (The Passage and Cooking for Geeks) that I am reading right now, so I'll be alternating them with some "smaller" books (Russell Wiley is Out to Lunch, Room, etc).


The1stdaughter said…
Yay! Can't wait to see you around this weekend. Maybe you'll be one of my "team" that I cheer for??? I'm just going to be cheering, no's too stressful, to be honest and the cheering is so much fun!

Good luck and enjoy!
Marg said…
Yay for joining in on readathon! I don't tend to get a lot read during readathon. I try to do a bit, but I tend to spend all my time cheering, both on blogs and on Twitter because it is just so much fun!

My advice - do a bit of reading, a bit of cheering, a couple of mini-challenges and have a great time!

Oh, and I don't stay up all night either. With the time zones the way they are I would be an absolute zombie when it was time for me to go back to work on Monday!
Aleksandra said…
I'm participating, too! I'll write a few updates (not every hour) and probably I'll do some of the mini-challenges, so it'll be fun, too! Without any pressure :) I hope you'll have fun :)
Anonymous said…
I'm currently trying to get over my own reading slump and I think this is the perfect time for a Read-a-thon. It's my first time so I have to warn myself or I'll be overwhelmed for sure. No pressure, just pleasure!
bermudaonion said…
It sounds like you're going to take a good, balanced approach. Have fun with the read-a-thon. I'll be visiting my parents, so I won't be joining in the fun.
I am doing the read-a-thon too! I had also thought about alternating an easy YA with heavier adult stuff I need to get through. And, no sleep sacrificing for me either. Glad you're doing it!
B said…
I'm seriously tempted to do the read-a-thon but it doesn't fit into my schedule very well. I think I'm going to plan on it for next year though. Good luck and have fun!
Tales of Whimsy said…
I've never done one. They sort of intimidate me ;)
Athira said…
Danielle, I hope my reading-a-thon doesn't turn out to be stressful - the last one I did was so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Hope to be in your team! :)

Marg, I have a feeling that I will end up cheering, LOL! If I do, at least I know what I will be doing during the next readathon. :)

Aleksandra, that's my plan too! Mostly I want to have fun!

Christine, well, good luck to you! Just make sure you take it easy because I didn't take it easy during my first readathon and I suffered for it.

Kathy, my thoughts are with you, Kathy. I hope you have a nice weekend.

Helen, so glad to have you in too! Yay for buddies!

Brenna, I missed a lot of blog events because of my schedule - that can suck, but I hope you can join in next year!

Juju, really? You're too funny!
Unknown said…
Yay Aths! I was glad to see your name on the Linky list. Just do what you can. I know some people only plan on reading two or three hours because of obligations that day. It's all good :) See you there.
Lisa said…
It's so easy to get caught up in the "look how many pages I read" hoopla. Some people are just really fast readers and some just like to see how much they can push themselves. But you've got the right idea--allot yourself time to read and then enjoy it!
Athira said…
Lynne, I'm looking forward to your challenge, Lynne!! I'm going to take it real easy this time. No pressure on me!

Lisa, I really berated myself for reading to see how many pages I can make - at that point I was actually intensely fascinated with the fast-readers and wanted to see how much I could read too. What a sorry decision, but at least it was a valuable lesson, and I won't be curious about that anymore.
Aths, I have to say that I am not very happy with you right now (hate sounds too strong) ;-). I just can't say no to a read-a-thon, but I've got another one next week! I'm going to try on this one and guess I'll see you there!

Molly said…
I still haven't decided whether to join this go round or not. I will for sure be cheering you on though! Have a great time :)
Marieke said…
Hooray for reading just for the fun of it! It can get a bit frenetic... and there are so many online distractions. I'm going to try to just enjoy as well! Good luck with your preparations!
Jill, Danielle and I will be cheering you on while we meet for lunch.

One of these times I have to try a read-a-thon. To me, it seems like I am always doing a personal one;)
Katy said…
Have lots of fun! I participated last time at the last minute, but decided not to this time because I've got too much going on tomorrow. :(
Athira said…
Roseann, I had a malicious chortle of laughter in response to your post - I'm deviliciously glad that you did the readathon. :)

Molly, I definitely loved your approach to the readathon of dedicating it to nanowrimo!

Marieke, distractions still found me. :(

Gwen, you should do a readathon, even if you could read only for an hour! It's all in the community feel. :)

Katy, aww, I hope you can join in next time!