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Spring means Hope | Weekly Snapshot

Hello you guys! I seem to have forgotten how to blog with everything going on around here. I'm sure I'm not the only one. Hope you all are coping okay?

Last week Things finally got to some semblance of a routine this week and I've been finally feeling better and in charge of my emotional faculties. I've taken over one of the upstairs bedrooms and set it up as my office-cum-homeschool room. In other words, the room is a big mess, but both my daughter and I are able to navigate the room fine as everything in the room has a meaning in our own brains. We're both very organized that way. I've been using a sit-stand desk for my work laptop and I'm a little glad that I got to try this system finally. When I'm not working, I'm helping the girl with her letters, numbers, or fun activities. Trust me, this is difficult but we worked through the system this week, and think we have it under control. My father-in-law watches my son during the day as the little ma…

The Sunday Salon (Back to the Grind) -- December 5, 2010

The Sunday

First of all, thank you all so much for all your thoughts, prayers, and wishes, on my previous post! Your comments meant so much to me and they really made me feel a lot better. I had never fully appreciated community support before - I had never been on the receiving side. Thanks also to those of you who emailed me - although I had been terribly late to reply, I want to tell you that your emails cheered me up a lot too. So plenty of hugs back to all of you who kept me, my brother and my family in your thoughts.

After more than a month of hospitalization, my brother was discharged two days ago. He had just completed in-patient rehab, and needs more outpatient therapy to build him back to the person he was. He is so much better now, after two weeks of therapy, though there are still things he struggles with - memory retention, lack of focus and inhibition, and cognitive strength. It doesn't help that he has barely any memory of his last three months - making it even harder for him to accept the doctor's diagnosis (viral encephalitis). Ever since he "woke" up in hospital, he has gone through a lot of emotions - denial, anger, sadness, guilt. I have tried a lot to keep him happy and not slide into any negative emotions. But it's hard. I know that in his place, I'm going to be feeling exactly the same. He'll also have to wait at least 6 months before heading back to school. He has been worried that he won't be able to do that, but I guess he has now convinced himself that he will.

I'm thankful that my brother didn't get the worst effects of the disease. 3 months worth of memory is a short price to pay considering many people with this disease have forgotten 3 or 5 years of their lives. Although he has been struggling with common things that we take for granted, like simple math or memory games, I've seen him improve every day. I expect he'll outperform his own expectations and be back to school in no time.

I'm only just beginning to catch up with my experiences over the last month, so some days are really hard for me to get by. There are memories that haunt me and memories that I've blocked. It's been a terrifying experience, and I'm ready to press the fast-forward button. I'm just glad that this is temporary and before soon, it'll all be behind me.

I wasn't sure at all if I was ready to return to blogging, but when I opened the Blogger page, I realized that heck, I am ready to be back. Books formed a big part of my own therapy - I didn't read much, but I read during all my free time, which was limited. I bought a hell lot of books though, and it felt just as wonderful as tasting that delicious slab of chocolate. I haven't opened my reader in over a month though, and I'm going to try that sometime tomorrow after ensuring that I have a cup of strong coffee beside me!

So far, my thoughts are still in so much disarray - I doubt I'm going to have much of a routine for the rest of this month, on my blog. Work's crazy busy right now, plus I have a month's worth of pending items to do. It started snowing yesterday, and I was really surprised by how much and how fast time has sped on. I'll be going off for one more week during Christmas, so I'll get back into a routine starting Jan. Until then, I'll permit myself the rare treat of posting whenever, wherever, whatever.


I'm glad everything is getting better. I will continue to put you all in my prayers!
The1stdaughter said…
Yay! I'm so glad you're back! And I'm so so so glad to hear your brother is doing better. I know it's still the beginning of a long journey for him, but how wonderful that they were able to find out what was wrong and get things under control. Wow! I'll definitely keep him (and you) in my thoughts and prayers going forward.

Please don't stress yourself out too much with the Reader issue! We all understand hitting the "panic" button aka "mark all read" from time to time. This would definitely be a situation that calls for it. Just remember to enjoy it and know we are all so excited to have you back! Yay!
So happy to see you back posting and that your brother is making progress day by day.
J.G. said…
So glad to hear your brother is doing better! It's a lot to process, and it must be hard to deal with, not only the challenges but the fact of him being challenged by things that used to come easily. I will continue to think of you all.

As for the reader, that "Mark All As Read" button is there for a reason. Just sayin'. :-)
bermudaonion said…
I'm glad that your brother is doing better and I'll continue to pray for his recovery. Don't open your reader - just hit "mark all as read" and start from scratch. Take care of yourself!
Introverted Jen said…
Yay! I'm glad to have you back! I'm even more glad that your brother is on the mend. I can't imagine going through what your family is going through. You all will remain in my thoughts and prayers. Please don't worry about posting and commenting. We will still be here with hugs and smiles for you whenever you feel like life is stable enough to return to us!
Oh, you have been through such an ordeal, but you seem to be in good spirits and optimistic about the future. As for blogging, we're glad to see you back; reading about your experience and your feelings is a wonderful tribute to the healing process.

Hang in there! My thoughts are with you.

Here's my salon, if you feel like reading:
Tales of Whimsy said…
Oh sweetheart! Thank goodness he's doing better! *hugs* You're right, 3 months is great as opposed to 3-5 years. Whoa. I can't imagine.

We missed you and you're in our thoughts.

Hugs to you! And your brother too!

Here is my Weekly Geeks post!
Anonymous said…
I am so glad that he is on the mend - what a harrowing experience for everyone.

Thank you for updating us - I would check your page often and continued to keep you and your family in my thoughts.

Have a blessed Christmas and may the New Year be truly a new beginning for you and your brother.

Such wonderful news! Hope your brother continues to improve and get stronger each day.
Marce said…
It is wonderful to have you back and I look forward to the New Year.

I am glad the worst is behind your family and will continue to send get well wishes to you for your brother.

Enjoy any time you have off.
I was going to email you after reading through my Reader to see how you are doing and here you are! I am so glad that your brother is improving and that you are able to return to blogging. I figure that's a good sign. I cannot imagine what you've all been going through the past months. Know that we are all still thinking about your brother, you, and your family. Keeping a positive outlook is so important and so difficult. Glad to have you back!
I'm so glad to hear your brother is better! He still has a tough journey ahead of him, but I'm sure with your and family's friend's help, he'd recover quicker!

Glad to see you back also!! While we miss you, please take care of yourself too!
erisian said…
welcome back, in whatever capacity that will be.

glad things are moving to the positive end of the spectrum.

take your time,
Ash said…
So glad to hear you're brother is getting better and that you are working your way back into blogging. I'll keep you and your brother in my thoughts as he works his way to becoming himself again. Looking forward to anything and everything you decide to post!
I am so very excited that your brother is on the mend -- I know it must be horribly frustrating to lose 3 months of memory, but you are right that some lose up to 5 years of their memory! Welcome back, do take your time, and we will be here when you return!
Aths, I am so glad to hear your brother is okay. He has a long road ahead of him it seems, but he is okay and that is what matters.

I am glad to see you back!
Unknown said…
He would be fine. He is a strong kid. Time flies and he would be up on his feet in no time. It is good to see you back. Stay strong, stay put! XOXO

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