Is it Friday yet?

Friday, April 8, 2016

Guess who's still here? Yep, me! Me!

Just barely, though, because some virus has upended our lives this week.

Monday, the babe started sporting a cold. I say 'sporting' because she was laughing through it. It was quite a sight - her nose would be dripping and she didn't care. How did humans go from there to getting stressed over every small thing?

By Wednesday however, that nose was still oozing stuff while both the husband and I started feeling under the weather. I called in sick both yesterday and today hoping to recover soon from whatever this thing is. Have you seen that ad where a mom/dad asks their kid for a sick leave? And then the ad ends with the tagline that says parents don't take sick leaves. Yes, that was my life for past two days. Sure, I was home from work but still watching the baby through my headache. By bedtime, I was cranky, sore, annoyed, pissed, and feeling every pain in between.

This morning, the babe woke up happy even though she still had a cold. I, on the other hand, was mad that I am still sick.

This week wasn't all misery though. My Chatterbox arrived on Tuesday and I finished one amazing book (Eleanor) on Wednesday. Despite being sick yesterday, I tried to work out a todo/planner/calendar approach to posting reviews and I think I may have found just the right thing. I drafted two reviews between last night and this morning and even had one post scheduled. And hey, I posted this too. Maybe people are just more productive when they are sick. And maybe the above is why I am still sick.

How have you guys been doing?

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