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Some exciting books on my radar | Notes from my Reading

It's been a long time since I've talked about actually reading something. It's a little bit of a hit or miss right now, so I try to soak it up when I'm in the mood for it.
Currently Reading...I've spent the better part of last two weeks reading The Underground Girls of Kabul, and nothing else. It's a well-written book, mind you, but also littered with generalizations and a tone of something I can't put a word to yet. It's not condescension exactly (the author's tone is way too neutral for that) but there is a sense that the women in the West are better than Afghan women (better, not just better off). I'll need to think through that more. I know for sure that if I were Afghan and reading it, I would be .. maybe annoyed? frustrated? But how much of it is because of that sense of being looked down upon versus the subject of the book, is not clear yet. Hopefully after a few days of absent pondering, I'll have gotten to my point.

Just before I star…

To the Golden State and back | The Sunday Salon

Hello, there? It's me, I'm still here. I realize I've been out for almost two weeks now though it feels longer than that - probably because my last four posts were reviews and I haven't put up a personal post in almost a month. I toyed with the idea of taking another week off because things are crazy right now but so much has been going on and if I don't pen this post now, it may never happen next week either.

Happy Mother's Day

First of all, Happy Mother's Day! This is my first after being a mom and I am feeling all kinds of emotions about this journey so far. Also, nothing makes you appreciate your mom more than being a mom yourself and, especially when the going gets tough on my end, I whisper a few apologies to my mom for anytime I was a pain in her behind. Being a mom is the toughest role I've taken on (and it's only been 10 months so far) but it's also the most most most most.... rewarding experience of my life. Sometimes, I just cannot articulate this feeling of having my heart jump in my throat every time I see Shreya or she trips or she smiles and I end up wondering what took me so long to decide to have a kid. So, dear mom, thank you so much for everything you have done for me and all the sweat, tears, and hard work you invested in me and my brother. I know I owe a LOT to you and I know the journey can't have been easy either. Love you loads.

The Golden State

Last weekend, I was in California. We wanted to visit our cousins in San Francisco and Los Angeles, so off we went on a Wednesday night and back on the following Tuesday. It was short - much shorter than I like my vacations to be but it was also just the ideal duration. I didn't get the end of vacation blues and I was actually ready for work. Shreya also did pretty well though for the first couple of days, she didn't go to anyone. Too many new faces on the block.

The California visit was FUN! We didn't really go anywhere much except to eat out (we had seen plenty of SF and LA during previous visits). This visit was all about spending time with family and we got a lot of that. Some highlights from this trip were...

So this happened to me when we left on our trip. Don't ask me how. I keep telling everyone that the bulb in the shoe closet was out and both shoes feel the same on my feet. I also blame the mommy brain sometimes. Truth is, I didn't look at the shoes when I wore them and just hurried on my way to wait for the cab to the airport. You know, #lastminuterush, #toomuchtodo, #forgetfulness. In other words, shoes are not at all priority when I leave on a vacation. I felt terribly mortified when I put the pair on the security conveyor belt in front of the TSA lady. I don't want to even imagine what she thought looking at the mismatched pair. I didn't take another pair with me so I had to hide my feet behind luggage or wave my hands crazily if I thought someone was going to look at my shoes. And you know how everyone looks at shoes first when they meet someone? I did finally buy another pair the next day so I didn't have to wear a mismatched pair throughout my vacation.

Oh, and I got to meet one of my favorite bloggers while in LA - Ti of Book Chatter! I knew she lived somewhere in or near LA but once we started talking about my California trip, we found that she lived very close to my cousin's home. So we planned a lunch date for the weekend and had no trouble recognizing each other at the cafe. We talked about a lot of things - books, kids, life, school, work, books, blogging, books. It was amazing.

Left is a photo of a mango mousse than the husband's cousin made for us when we visited them. It was just too good - so good that the husband "helped" finish mine when I had to get Shreya nap while we were doing dessert. Right is a picture of the hand and footprints of the three stars of the Harry Potter movies in front of the Chinese theater in Hollywood Boulevard. (Note my new pair of sandals.)


The husband had to travel for work the very next morning after we arrived. That was rough because we reached home by 1.30 am and he was back at the airport by 4 am. I have been mostly on "catch up" mode since we arrived and I am still not caught up with anything really. I may have to just accept that it's not going to happen for another week either. The husband gets back on Tuesday (hate not having him home on weekends) so I expect to get more free time then. I have been reading some but I will save the books for another post. How have you all been doing?