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Pandemic-fatigue | Weekly Snapshot

It got busy this week! Lots going on at home, work, and otherwise as well.  Life My daughter's school decided to close on Friday, along with several other schools in the area, with some being closed from Thursday. Not enough staff. The school had been on a mask mandate since the beginning of the pandemic, dropping it only for one week when the pandemic had appeared to have stabilized last year. And yet, they dropped the mandate completely at the beginning of this year, when cases were exponentially rising, only to bring it back again starting next week. I've gone from being very annoyed to angry to feeling fatigue in these first two weeks already. I won't lie - we all mask around here and try to avoid going where we don't have a need to be in, and still, we are not taking anything close to the extreme precaution we all took at the beginning of the pandemic. I cannot and don't want to keep my kids home - I have at least that much faith in the schools' precautions

In mood for a vacation | Weekly Snapshot

Yet another week has gone by with no end in sight for the pandemic. Being able to distinguish weeks became a challenge months ago, so no surprises there. But the weather is getting colder and winter is coming (hopefully not Martin's winter - we had enough of that this year already). I used to love winter, I used to look forward to it. But for the past few years, it has tended to be a very gloomy season. I'm usually just looking forward to it ending. So, this year, it's going to be harder to get through the season, especially since we are all still mostly at home. Mind you, I don't mind the restrictions as they do have a useful purpose, but wish more people followed them well and that we had done a better job when the weather was warmer to keep the virus at bay so that it didn't have to last this long. But that argument probably won't stick anyways, as many countries are now facing second waves. At the end of the day, we really need a vaccine but I hope that isn't rushed either as that can be cataclysmic. See, how no scenario is sounding good?


We are a little late to this but this weekend, we introduced the girl to the Uno card game. So far, she is loving it, and it's a fun game for us adults as well. I'm trying to find a way to introduce more games into our week but the toddler loves to wreck things, so we've been waiting for his nap time to play. Also, this is when most of our work and schooling happens, so you can imagine how hectic but productive this time can be.

Thinking about

With Fall here, we've been thinking about taking a vacation and heading out somewhere. The Smokies are close by and a very happening place right now, but there are lots of other state parks nearby too. With a toddler in tow, I'm not very keen on trekking plus I certainly would prefer to avoid crowds. Thing is, I'm not sure there is a place out there that also won't have a good size crowd. It's gloomy enough staying home, a staycation in a different place would likely be gloomier. 

Have you taken any vacations since the pandemic started? Where have you gone to and what has your experience been? 


I finally finished The Underground Girls of Kabul, wahoo! Although this is a book that shouldn't have taken me 3 weeks to finish, it did because life interrupted a lot, and it was more digestible in chapter sizes so I put it down a lot. I mentioned in a post last week that I couldn't shake a sneaky feeling of the author looking down upon the Afghan people, and this sense certainly increases towards the latter few chapters. It's disappointing because the book is well-researched but there's way too much judgment in the writing to make me like it much. More on this in an upcoming review.

So that means, I am finally able to read The Memory Police - I can't wait to see where that book goes.

I also recently picked up The Happiness Project. My previous attempt to read the book failed because well, I couldn't be convinced enough of the author's motivation for a happiness project. It still doesn't make sense but it's not bothering me as much because I'm in need of some intentional happiness in my life so I expect I may find it useful.


Still continuing through The Next Generation - it will take me months to get through the seven seasons, which I'm glad about - I prefer it when I can binge through a show for a span of many months. I'm also occasionally watching The Home Edit - the ladies are hilarious and their organization tips fabulous, but boy, I can't help but shake my head at the problems the rich people bring up. I will say that I loved what Reese Witherspoon asked for - that made sense. 

What's the one thing you are excited about this week?

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