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The renovation finally | Weekly Snapshot

I've been having quite a few busy weekends and haven't been able to post often on Sundays.  Renovating I have dropped a teaser here a few times but here's the scoop finally - We are renovating a big chunk of our main level. We've been planning this for the past 6-7 months. It started as a kitchen renovation project but now includes flooring through the main floor and master bathroom. We will have the renovation crew start tomorrow and depending on when all the materials get in, it could be 1.5-3 months before they are done. I just hope the flooring is done quickly because then we can reclaim some of the main floor back. Not having a kitchen for 2-3 months is going to be very challenging but we've been promised a small work area on the main floor where we can cook early morning and later in the evening. But I'm thinking more about the little things - making coffee while I work, taking care of the day to day activities - the upstairs and the basement can be used b

Indulging in lots of different things | Weekly Snapshot

For whatever reason, it's been somewhat busy the past couple of weeks. I'm actually not sure where the past two weeks went but judging from the blank my memory is drawing, they were either boring or routine. 


Along with the majority of the country, the case count in my area is going up. It does feel as if everyone is now in fatigue and letting their guard down. It's not easy to live like this even for a few months and here we are at the end of the year and things are getting out of control. We're continuing to try to stay mostly indoors and socially distance when with company. I'm encouraged that the schools in the area have been able to keep the case trend at extremely low levels. My daughter's school has not had any cases so I'm considering sending her and my son to school/daycare during Spring. But with the rising cases, it feels difficult to take that step.

Not looking forward to

We're getting to the point where all my appointments are due soon. I don't know why I pick the busiest time of the year to do these but it's all my fault for waiting until the deadline. I have my blood test, physicals, and eye appointments coming up. And on top of that, flu shot for the kids. It's honestly not easy planning for any of these. The husband has work calls for much of the day, I'm usually busy with work in the morning, and use the afternoons for my daughter's school lessons. Of course, everything is closed in the evenings. It's hard enough trying to get out on weekdays even to go to the library.

Nonfiction November

It's been years since I took part in Nonfiction November. I'm considering taking part this year though we'll see how much I'll actually post. Still, it's an event I've enjoying following in the past.


I've been spending a lot of time knitting. I'm halfway through a scarf and have begun planning for a hat each for the husband, the girl, and the boy. Hopefully, I'll have these ready by next month. 


Only one book in progress right now and more than halfway through now. I kind of want to start a new book soon so I have another book to escape into once this is over, and so on. But I'm not sure what type of book I want to read next. Maybe in light of Nonfiction November, a narrative nonfiction would do? It's the type of nonfiction I've loved for years but haven't read recently.

In Five Years started off interesting, hit some slow parts, and is now picking up again. I'm almost nervous to find out what happens and am hoping none of my guesses will turn out to be true.


Couple of weeks back, I watched Never Have I Ever and loved it. The characters were so much fun, the show was hilarious and yet, had enough serious themes to not be considered fluff. I liked that the Indian culture was well-displayed and also celebrated. It's something I see in my everyday life but not enough on TV so that was nice. Yes, couple of things about the show turned me off (Kamala's dreadful accent and the whole arranged marriage nonsense) but that was but a small price to pay. 

On the blog

Are you ready for November? What's the biggest thing you are looking forward to?

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