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It's the Island Life | Weekly Snapshot

By the time this post is published, we will all be back home, but right this moment, as I type this up, we are enjoying our last day at Daufuskie, a secluded island near Hilton Head, SC and Savannah, GA. We were lucky to score a cottage (without having to break the bank) with front-row access to the beach, something that has always been on my bucket list and that I was thrilled to cross off.  This week has been very refreshing and just what I needed - a getaway, a break from it all, a retreat with family with no thoughts of work, to-do lists, and chores getting in the way. The island sure runs on its own time. The streetlights aren't turned ON at night to avoid attracting turtles too far from their ideal nesting place. There's the alligator crossing time at night when they go from pond to pond visiting friends (and hence tourists are advised to stay home when it's dark). There are very few cars - instead the preferred mode of transportation is via golf carts, which can go o

Lots of reading and a trip to urgent care | Weekly Snapshot

Now that we are in the last month of the year, what do you most focus on these days? Preparing for the holidays? Planning for the new year? More downtime and less to-dos? More cooking and baking? I don't know if I'll do much 2021 planning - Covid-19 laughed at my 2020 plans, but I may still do something at a higher level.

Last Week

Last week was somewhat meh for some reason. I guess coming out of a long weekend and going into a full week was a shock to my system and I just wanted the week to end. Work was busier than usual so a lot of my usual routines suffered, and that led to a general feeling of lethargy. 

On Tuesday, the boy got hit near his left eye with a jar as he and his sister were playing, causing a small cut there that bled a lot. I freaked out at first because it looked like his eye was bleeding but after closer look (which is very hard to get with a screaming toddler), I found it was the skin near his eye. We took him to an urgent care though since the cut, although small, didn't feel that small on a two year old's face. The doctor agreed with us - the boy got three stitches that night! 

I probably haven't mentioned this before, but this little boy is a walking catastrophe. I won't even try to list the dangers and near-dangers he has experienced because he makes us look like bad parents. I am usually terrified of taking my eyes off of him since that's when he's into some mischief. On the plus side, he is super cheerful, even if he's hurt. Despite that injury, he was laughing 15 minutes later. I guess you need to be of cheerful disposition to be able to weather frequent storms. 

Other than that little drama that I would have preferred not to go through, my week was pretty normal. 


Over the past two weeks, I completed two books and started another two. After enjoying the first book, I read P.S. I Still Love You, which I equally enjoyed but I think I'm done with the trilogy for now - I probably won't be reading the third book or will read it later. I also read Pizza Girl, which I'm not sure what to make of yet. It left me feeling as if I was watching a train wreck and fervently wishing it to not happen.

I picked up A Will to Kill purely due to its setting - a part of South India I've been to many times and which also happened to be very close to my hometown. So far it's enjoyable and reminiscent of old-fashioned mysteries in spooky mansions. I'm also just starting 2001: A Space Odyssey, which I once half-read but didn't finish. I'm hoping to finish this time.

I'm feeling a pull towards science fiction titles. I sampled a ton of books last week but didn't stick with any either because many had 500+ pages or because they have long wait lists. I likely may read more science fiction after my current reads but we'll see if the feeling sticks. I did buy a copy of Ready Player Two last week but haven't cracked it open yet.


Have you guys watched Hillbilly Elegy? I had been looking forward to watching it after liking the book a few years ago. But the trailer seems to show a very different movie from what I read (more focus on JD's mom than there was in the book) so I'm not sure if I want to watch it. Reading some of the reviews, it looks like many felt the same way. 

I finally watched The Wandering Earth last week, which had been on my watchlist ever since it came out. I definitely enjoyed the thrill and the plot even if it felt like it was jumping too fast between scenes. While we are billions of years away from our sun going supernova, global warming will probably bring us to the same fate much sooner. It's no longer just a pleasure to watch movies like this one. It almost feels very realistic and plausible now.  

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