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Moon of the Crusted Snow by Waubgeshig Rice

Published in : 2018   ||    Format : ebook   ||    Location : Canada One line review : When the world comes crashing, some people shutdown while others elevate their community. Which one will you be? ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆   Yes, apocalypse. We've had that over and over. But we always survived. We're still here. And we'll still be here, even if the power and the radios don't come back on and we never see any white people again. Thoughts : Evan Whitesky returns home after a whole day of hunting to realize that his mobile phone had lost network sometime during the day. He doesn't think a lot about it then but over the next few days, his community loses electricity and their landline connection as well. To make matters worse, they are unable to contact anyone from the city to inquire when services can be restored. With the never-ending blizzard, it was not feasible for someone to simply drive to the nearest city and find out what's going on. Soon, they have to start conserving wh

Finally reading some great books | Weekly Snapshot

One more week down, again a very busy week in work but thankfully with far less worries. 


My last couple of months were very busy with work, since I started a new project. While there's more coming up over the next few weeks, I am also hoping that maybe I have passed the point where it stops being a part of every waking moment and allow me to be able to read without interrupting thoughts fluttering around in my head. We'll see. 

We got enough snow yesterday for the kids to be able to play and make a snow man. All the snow melted by noon but we are getting more overnight so hopefully there's more snow fun to be had. 


After not being able to stay with a book long enough to be pulled into it for the past couple of weeks, I was desperately looking for a book that was both a fast read and also one that I would love. That was a high bar to meet even under the best of circumstances, but luckily, yesterday morning, I found just the book. I devoured Meichi Ng's Barely Functional Adult in two sittings yesterday and the feeling at the end was one of huge relief because now I can get back to reading other books. The best part was I didn't check the news at all yesterday until it was late evening, so I'm feeling hopeful that I can read more books and less news for the next couple of days at least. 

I started reading Ijeoma Oluo's So You Want to Talk About Race. Haven't gotten too far with it yet. Still need to return to Black Buck.


Since my last update, we completed watching the second and third seasons of Star Trek Discovery. We did several marathon runs this week - I blame the show, ending every episode in a cliffhanger. By last night, both the husband and I were fatigued by the amount of TV we have watched. Is that even a thing? For now, I am not planning to pick up any new shows. Maybe after a week or two, we may watch DS9 but I need a break from the screens right now. 

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