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The renovation finally | Weekly Snapshot

I've been having quite a few busy weekends and haven't been able to post often on Sundays.  Renovating I have dropped a teaser here a few times but here's the scoop finally - We are renovating a big chunk of our main level. We've been planning this for the past 6-7 months. It started as a kitchen renovation project but now includes flooring through the main floor and master bathroom. We will have the renovation crew start tomorrow and depending on when all the materials get in, it could be 1.5-3 months before they are done. I just hope the flooring is done quickly because then we can reclaim some of the main floor back. Not having a kitchen for 2-3 months is going to be very challenging but we've been promised a small work area on the main floor where we can cook early morning and later in the evening. But I'm thinking more about the little things - making coffee while I work, taking care of the day to day activities - the upstairs and the basement can be used b

It's all about the painting | Weekly Snapshot

This has been one busy month so far but the end is in sight!


Last week continued to be as busy as the previous two weeks. I've been seeing colors everywhere I look, no thanks to all the hours spent looking at Sherwin Williams paint palettes, especially in its gray and blue shades. I feel like you can quiz me on their whites, neutrals, and blues, and I'll probably score extremely high. There was one night that I went to sleep debating between two shades of gray, and I woke up exhausted because that's all I dreamt of all night.

Anyways, as far as painting goes, all our guest rooms are done so we have been clearing off the dust and setting furniture back in. Most of the main living areas are painted but there are some finishing touches left so we'll have more of that next week. Plus, the master suite, the basement, and the exteriors are left too. We will slowly do photos so all of that next week.

That really was what took over most of my non-work time last week. I read very little and wasn't online much at all. I wanted to join in on the readathon this weekend but didn't have much time to read or be online, so that was that. 

I expect next week will at least be less color browsing and more cleaning as we start putting the heavy traffic rooms back in order. One big change this upcoming week is that my husband is returning back to office for work, and while he is excited about that (this extrovert did not like being cooped up), I can't say that I am pleased. I don't expect my work situation to change anytime soon. It looks like my company may be adopting a remote or hybrid workstyle but nothing's official yet so we'll see. 


Last week, in between all the paint color choosing, I finished Something Unbelievable. I certainly enjoyed it a lot, though at times it felt that I wasn't sure what the message was. I'm aiming to have the review posted this week.

After that one, I was looking for a good graphic memoir to read and discovered Gender Queer by Maia Kobabe. This was a new-to-me book and it was also a very beautiful book. 

Yesterday, I returned to Drive Your Plow Over The Bones Of The Dead, which I had to put aside earlier this month. Things are getting very interesting and suspicious so I can't wait to find where it goes. And finally - hopefully, in a day or two - I'll be reading the book I've been saving for last - Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir.

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